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"Don't Let a World Without Sound..... Be a World Without Communication"

Hello, I wanted to share with you my love of Sign Language.. Here is my Story. When I was a Junior in High School, my best friend, Carolyn, wanted me to take Sign Language with her, and I wanted her to take Short Hand with me, well we agreed to take the other's course..

It didn't take long for me to realize that Signing was a great love and a wonderful language to learn.. I could then communicate with the deaf in their language.. I hated Short Hand, and couldnt write it, but I sure could read it :) And Carolyn hated Signing... We found it to be quite ironic but nevertheless we continued on with each course.. I soon found myself searching bookstores for any and all books on signing...

I then continued with it even years after I Graduated.. Then in 1990 I met a lady name Joyce, that was a member of the "Singing Hands" which as you can guess is a Sign Language Group made up of hearing and hearing impaired people.. I had to attend a few practice sessions before I could become a member, I was then so excited to join.. I was soon performing for various events such as "The Strawberry Festival" in WV, Nursing Homes and for Private Women's Organizations..

I got married and had my fellow group members to sign two songs for us, others thought that it would not be right to have Sign Language performed since there were no deaf members, but it was my wedding and I wanted them.. Afterwards everyone loved it.. Thought it was the most beautiful event ever at a wedding :) My best friend, Carolyn, *that didn't like sign language* was even crying, and later told me that she was sorry she didn't stick with it, because it was so beautiful...Then I moved to North Carolina and had to quit the group :( But when I moved back home to WV I never rejoined the group, and now I am SOOOOOOOO Sorry for not going back...

I once kept score for a bowling team of all deaf people, they were signing so fast, it was hard to tell what they all were saying ... I dated a guy and in May of 1989 we went to West Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind in West Virginia.. His Aunt and Uncle are deaf and are teachers there, I was in Heaven :) I also went to the Blind part of the School and learned a little bit of Braille.. They have shelves and shelves of magazines such as People, US, Time and many others all in Braille.. The Woodcrafting is amazing, such beautiful creations and all by the hands of the Blind. This trip was the time of my life...

So, now here I am 28 years into Sign Language and still love it every bit as much as I did when I first learned it.. I find myself signing songs and performing them for my Mother and Granny who both cry when I do...I signed a song for my dying Uncle, "Amazing Grace" he loved that song and wanted me to sign it for him before he left this world.. I went out and bought a version of it and did it for him, he had me do it two times, and there wasnt a dry eye in the whole house when I was done.. It wasn't any time til he died and his wife said he still told her how he loved it when I signed for him.. I am just so thankful that I got to do it for him before it was too late...

I have a deaf friend that I went to Junior High School with, of course at the time I didn't think a lot about the deaf people as far as learning their language.. His name is John Mays he is now the one and only deaf stuntman in California.. He is the stunt double for Robert Downey Jr. he has a movie that is coming out for HBO that should be released quite soon.. I will keep updates on his movies.

Please check out the Lyrics to "I Hear Your Hand" It is the first song I saw signed, I think this song is one of the main reasons I love the language.. I am currently looking for any copy of this song, rather it be CD or Cassette... Please if you have any info about this song, please email me.. Thank You..

I have created an entire list of words and descriptions of how to sign them.


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