My Personal Info

    On 11-21-99 I became a Christian!!!! *S*...I am a?? year old 1/2 Italian female, non-smoker living in Charleston, West Virginia...I was born on a fine day in October ... My Mother's Brothers two offsprings are so jealous of me that they can't see straight.

    Sleeping, Sign Language, all dangerous wildlife and sea life, the ocean, visiting zoos, swimming, shopping, games, bingo, driving *especially with my sunroof out* office/school supplies, reading, learning the computer, chatting, talking, telephone, Country and Rock music and writing. I collect ink pens, postcards and ....I am a VERY picky eater....I absolutely have NO bad habits lol...

    I'm HIGHLY allergic to these... :-). I LOVE to , I NEVER leave home without my . I have to have a blowing on me all the time. A drunk on ahit me in 1985, read all about it Here. I love long scalding hot showers, to just stand there and let the water pour over my whole body. I love walking in the rain, spending time with my real time friends. I work crossword puzzle books in order on the pages, never cheating or skipping out of sequence and always from the back forward on the right side only, then front to back on the left side...I became addicted to Blistex when I had my Hysterectomy. I do not eat hamburgers, salads, tacos, any type of greens, corn, peas, squash, and don't drink milk or iced tea... I love pizza, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, steak, fries, hot dogs, ham, turkey, chicken, pork chops, chili, scrambled eggs, sprite, orange, grape and coca-cola... My favorite restaurant is "Golden Corral"... Yummy.

    MY dearest and closest friends

    This is my best female friend, Sissy,
    Although we haven't met YET she is the
    closest thing to a sister I could ever ask for.
    We have been chatting for several years,
    and she knows things about me that
    my own r/t friends don't, and still talks to me
    But ssshhh.... Don't tell them that...*LOL*
    I love ya girl!

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