Michael Combs

I met Michael a few years ago at a local benefit sing. We went several hours before the show started so I could meet him and he was the nicest guy.
I asked him if he would please sing my favorite song "Almighty God", he said he would try.
My Friend Ray and I sat front and center stage and I waited anxiously as each song began to see if it was next.
Finally as he was about to sing the last song of the evening said "Before the show I met a young lady that told me I HAD TO SING HER SONG,
she's sitting here in the front row, and this song is for you", as he sang it he kept his eyes pretty much on me and I was in such glory that I barely heard it,
I thought I was having a heart-attack.. LOL
I was on cloud nine all the way home. I have seen him several times since and of course I requested it again, but he said that it takes a lot out of him
and since he has kidney problems, he doesn't sing it often.. That's ok... I got to hear it once ! *beaming*.


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