Garth Brooks

This page is about My FAVORITE all time Country Singer, Troyal "Garth" Brooks...He was married to Sandy Mahl, and they have 3 beautiful daughters, Taylor, August Anna and Allie Colleen.. He is now married to Trisha Yearwood. On the FINE day of February 07, 1962 he was born in Tusla, Oklahoma.. In 1984 He Graduated from The Oklahoma State University with a degree in Advertising. Check out this site if you want to know the Lyrics to his songs.

I have been to 5 of his concerts. And I wouldn't trade any single minute of it for anything else... He is by far THE BEST on Earth...He makes it seem like that you are the only one in the entire world and each song is soooo personal...The last concert I went to was in February 1997 and he played here in Charleston 4 nights, and I got tickets to 3 of the four nights.. But unfortunately I had to sell the last night's ticket because my Aunt was having Lung Surgery and I had to be at the hospital first thing that next morning and I wanted to spend some time with her the night before... This was the night that he gave away all those wonderful prizes for being that certain ticket holder... WHAT other Star does that??? Nobody... WHY? you ask?? Because he is the Greatest...!!!!..... *S*

I have been to many other Country Concerts and none of them are even 1/2 as exciting as Garth's :) My favorite song by Garth is by far "Shameless" it is the most incredible song I have ever heard, I have heard Billy Joel's version which I didn't like.. And the song that I hate is "Wolves" I think that is the most moronic song ever written... It is very beneath him in my opinion.. Well, enough yakkin from me.. let's get down to some business and start this page, below you will find valuable info...*S*

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